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The digital community which take twitter as a position to defence of the faith in freedom,and accelerate the world's transition to web3.0.


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Get To Know Us.

We are a group of loyal supporters of web3.0 technology distributed around the world, and also beneficiaries of the development of web3.0 technology. But we are still the "minority" in the world. Thanks to Musk's acquisition of Twitter, we see an opportunity to go from "minority" to "majority" - accelerating the world's transition to web 3.0.

Tribute to these crazy guys join these crazy guys be these crazy guys Guarding the belief in freedom and accelerating the world's transformation to web 3.0, this is TweetDao.



TWEETDAO token is the governance token of the TweetDAO. “of the people, by the people, for the people”

Token Specification

checkName: TWEETDAO token
checkNetwork: BNB Chain
checkSpec: BEP-20
checkSmart Contract Address:

Token Allocation

checkTotal supply: 99,999,999 (Details about all the token burns can be found here
check100% of that supply in circulation
checkA fixed supply,No inflation

Token Features

checkNo pre-mining,No reservation, No airdrop
checkNo public offering,No private placement
check13% of TWEETDAO transaction volume will be rewarded toTweetDAO community:
- 2% reward to 13 Misfits NFT holders
- 2% reward to 100 Rebels NFT holders
- 2% reward to 1000 Troublemakers NFT holders
- 2% reward to 10,000 Changemakers NFT holders
- 2% flows into LP
- 3% for repurchase and burn


Get Extra Tokens

Any user who attains at least 10000 tokens will be generated a referral code. Anyone who buys with a referral code (by typing the code after the decimal when buying exact tokens) will get 2% extra tokens (or 2% less fees).

The referrer will also get 2% of what was bought. For example, if a referrer has code 12345, then when someone else buys 10000.12345 tokens, the referrer will get 2% of the amount of tokens bought.

Mint & Claim Rewards

We are tired of web 2.0 blocking, fraud, monopoly and boredom; So we thank those misfits, rebels, troublemakers, changemakers who are still changing the world For example, Elon Reeve Musk. The Twitter he bought is the horn of the web 3.0 attacking the world. We must also do something to fight alongside the Warriors. Now, receive the TweetDao airdrop NFT, go to publicity, go to preach, and together accelerate the world's transformation to web 3.0.

Repurchase & Burn

To be Repurchased(USDT) Trigger amount for repurchase (BSC):
-- USDT. Once the amount needs to be repurchased is below -- USDT, the repurchase will stop.


Repurchase Price --h average


Total Repurchased and Burnt Total repurchased and burnt amount of TWEETDAO


Repurchase Records

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Sender Receiver

Price Amount(TWEETDAO)